Lynn Dubajic started DLK, LLC Business and Economic Development with a passion for Economic Development and a purpose of helping businesses prosper and communities grow; with harmony and mutually beneficial impact. With over 18 years of expertise and experience as the Executive Director of the Yorkville Economic Development Corporation, Lynn successfully created a standard for excellence, with numerous successful projects that added to the workforce and enhanced the community. Among her many accomplishments are:

  • NCG Yorkville Cinemas
  • Kendall Marketplace Shopping Center
  • Raging Waves Waterpark
  • Rush-Copley Healthcare and Emergency Center
  • Boombah, Inc.
  • Wrigley Manufacturing – Skittles Production Plant

With DLK, LLC Business and Economic Development, Lynn offers her knowledge, network and know-how to consult with businesses looking to grow and expand within the many outstanding communities in the Chicagoland area. These consulting services are incredibly unique and utterly invaluable to companies navigating the ins and outs of local government, while advocating for their own corporate needs. Lynn speaks the language of government with an intricate understanding of business; marrying the two in a way that creates opportunities and enables growth. DLK, LLC Business and Economic Development is diligently driven to help businesses prosper and communities grow; whatever it takes, Lynn Dubajic will make a difference for your company!